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Sugarcane Selection Process & Storage

Sugarcane Selection Process
When you are purchasing your raw fresh sugarcane you want the stalk to be light green fading to yellow in color with brownish-red marks, and the inside flesh of the cane should be juicy, milky, and white. Get a piece of mature cane and tap on it and if you hear a metallic sound, it means that the cane is perfectly ripe and ready to be cut and consumed. Also, while cutting, make slanting swerves closer to the root.

If you’re looking for canes that are really sweet then you might want to get thin heavy canes because they tend to be much sweeter than the thick ones.

You do not want to buy sugarcane that’s white on the outside, with large cracks or black spots, and the flesh should never be dry or dark in color. Sugarcanes are way past their prime when the flesh inside is dry and brown or red in color.

Storing Sugarcane Stalks
First you want to thoroughly wash the outer bark of the sugarcane and remove all the dirt off of them. Then you will need to properly dry the sugarcane before they are stored. After you have washed the sugarcane, you want to cut all the large stalks down to a smaller size. This way the stalks will easily go through your sugarcane machine feeder without jamming it, as well as fit inside your refrigerator for storage. You will also need a really good knife to be able to cut through the thick fibrous stalk of each cane.

In order to preserve your sugarcane you will have to tightly wrap the ends of each cane in a plastic wrap, or in a sealable plastic bag in the freezer. This will help to prevent any moisture loss and increase the life span of each stalk.

However, periodically you always want to inspect the ends of the sugarcane to see if it’s drying out or the flesh is darkening. Raw sugar cane with slightly dark or dry interior flesh is not dangerous for consumption, but the flavor won't be as fresh or good.