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How to Maintain your Sugarcane Machine

Here’s some advice to keep your equipment running optimally:
Daily maintenance on your sugarcane machine is necessary to keep your equipment running optimally and to increase the life span of your unit.

It’s important not to rely on outside help for regular maintenance on your Sugarcane machine. In the long run this can be very costly and it would be more beneficial to have an internal employee maintain the equipment every day.

Have one employee accountable for the machines maintenance. If there are multiple employees using the unit then have a maintenance check list log book, have someone check every box, and sign it off at the end of each day.

At the end of the day you want to remove the rollers with an Alan key that you can easily purchase from home depot and wash them with warm water and a soft brush. Also, if the rollers are really sticky then you can soak them in hot water with a little soap for about 30 minutes.

Never put thick sugarcane stalk inside the unit because it can damage the motor and the gear box inside the machine. In the case that you have a really thick stalk, we suggest you split the sugarcane stalk in half to make it thinner before placing it inside the feeder.

Every 4 months you need to apply grease to the chains and sprockets inside the machine so it can run properly. In order to do this you will need to remove a few screws off the back panel to access the inside of the unit. Then with a simple brush you can apply thick grease, which is highly recommended, for the chains and sprockets to continue working smoothly.

It is always good to address equipment issues at the moment you notice a problem, don’t wait until it gets worse, as it might be too late for the simple repair.

You may want to consider buying second juicer, if you can afford to. That way if there’s ever an issue with your main juicer, you can relax knowing that you have another one to fill the void until the first one is repaired and business can operate as usual.