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Sugar Cane Juice
Health benefits

* Includes several alkaline which helps you to prevent prostate and breast cancer

* Excellent source to hydrate your body naturally

* Helps to keep your kidney, brain and heart in good shape

* Lessen vascular constriction
and helps to make your blood pressure lower

* It might help to improve
your sexual activity
and/or performance

* Sugar cane has low glycemic index which helps to keep your body fit and healthy. Improve endurance, increase vitality and promote physical strength.

* Cane Juice is more effective in replacing muscle
glycogen than refined sugar drinks, particularly for endurance training

* Improve the human body’s resistance against stress
and the function of the
heart muscle

* Helps to elevate the basal metabolism and also helps to increase the hypertensive effect of beta-blockers

* Very high level of potassium for better digestive system and lower amount of
stomach acid

* Excellent treat for cold,
sore throat or Flu

* Drinking sugar cane juice multiple the chance
to avoid diabetes

* Even patients with diabetes can drink without fear. Note: Type-2 diabetes patients should contact their pharmacist

* The sugar cane helps to keep LDL and total cholesterol levels low in your blood. It contains the photochemical policosanol under its peel which helps to keep and regulate the cholesterol low




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